FabTag (2009)

FabTag is a software program that allows participants to draw with a wii-mote. I developed it for a programming and video editing workshop at Crawford High School in San Diego. The result was a performance for the community in Colina Park as part of the annual Sol Summer Nights event.

Here are a few images of the event:

SolSummerNights1 SolSummerNights2SolSummerNights3


Graffiti Artist Pose 2 used FabTag in his play Graffiti Life at the San Diego Lyceum Theatre.

Here are some photos by Chris Keeney of the software in Graffiti Life.

600px-GraffitiLife2 600px-GraffitiLife1

It has subsequently been used in the Fab Lab SD curriculum for the Creative Computing class. Here are a few photos, followed by a video for one of the classes:

interactivity_irpen06 icc_spring_metrocenter37
fablab-ucsd-summerprogram-27 Fabtag_4WEB-199x300

Video by Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning. Student Speak Webisodes. Mc Arthur Foundation.