The Toilet Seat (2007)


I wanted to create a sense of awkwardness in one of the most intimate spaces in Western culture: the toilet. This piece was made right after the Israel-Lebanon war in reaction to the injustice and ridiculous numbers of children who were killed in those 34 days.

The viewer enters a small room with red-curtain walls to find a toilet seat with a TV screen in front of it. As soon as the visitor sits on the toilet seat, the video starts playing. I juxtaposed images of the 2006 war in a video with the first five minutes of audio from “Who framed Roger Rabbit?” which is two cartoon characters “acting” in a movie. When watching the video, I feel a sense of guilt, wanting to laugh at the audio but my mind can’t let me while my eyes see children dying.

Another reason for choosing the toilet setting was to create a sense of privateness while experiencing the movie. I didn’t want any distractions. Another reason is the fact that most people use the bathroom as shelter in war, generally because the location of the bathroom in the house and the better foundations (since the bathroom is a smaller space, the ceiling has less of a risk of collapsing).